#3 Amanda Denis 2019

West Orange High School
Orlando, FL

3.8 GPA 3rd / UT 

Amanda Denis is a 2019 graduate out of State Champion West Orange High School. Amanda is a solid 3rd baseman and utility player. 
Amanda has great range and the ability to play the small ball game and get outs when you need them most. Very verbal on the field she attacks the ball and makes plays that just keep you wondering how in the world she was able to do it. 
A solid offensive player, Amanda was top 2 on the Firecrackers in 7 offensive categories including BA, OBP, hits, RBIs, Slugging percentage, walks, extra base hits and many others. She is a solid line drive hitter with the bat control to place the ball in the outfield where it needs to go, when it needs to go there. 
She can play MI as well as outfield and keeps the defense solid. 
Shes got a great heart and personality and just never seems to have a bad day. 
Great kid to have in the dugout and a personality that keeps the rest of the team motivated!!!!

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2017 West Orange High
Florida 9A State Champion

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